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Un-hidden Romania art interventions

Mister Thoms (Italy)

📍Un-hidden Romania x Lente, Bucharest
🗓 April 2023

Un-hidden Romania - Mister Thoms at Lente 2023 photo by Alex Donicioara

Mister Thoms (Italy)

📍Un-hidden Romania x Romexpo, Bucharest
🗓 April 2023

Andrei Felea

📍Un-hidden Romania x MNAC Annex (National Museum of Contemporary Art), Bucharest
🗓 April 2023

Un-hidden Romania Andrei Fele la Anexa MNAC
Alexa Lincu - Un-hidden Romania Scoala Gimnaziala Speciala Nr 9

Alexa Lincu, open call winner (mural art) + Xandru (electronic music composition)  

📍Un-hidden Romania x Special Secondary School No. 9Bucharest
🗓 19 – 27 March 2023

Wanda Hutira

📍Un-hidden Romania x Ion Creangă Branch, Metropolitan Library of Bucharest
🗓 October 2022

Wanda Hutira x Un-hidden Romania la Filiala Ion Creanga a BMB 2022

Bea Hopes (mural painting) & Bucurie (audio composition) x Un-hidden Romania – multidisciplinary street art intervention in Iasi, 2022

Bea Hopes (mural painting) & Bucurie (soundtrack)

📍Un-hidden Romania x Artipic Association, Iasi
🗓 September 2022

Maria Bălan (installation) & Adrian Drăguț (audio composition)

📍 Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest
🗓 August 2022

Maria Balan Un-hidden Romania FSAS 2022

Ortaku & Toybox la BMB Filiala Ion Creanga / Un-hidden Romania 2022

Ortaku & Toybox

Un-hidden Romania x Ion Creangă Branch, Metropolitan Library of Bucharest
🗓 July 2022


Un-hidden Romania x National College of Arts “Queen Mary”, Constanța, September 2021

Un-hidden Romania x Pisica Patrata la CNA Constanta ziua 3 5 sm

Un-hidden Romania x Sandi at Amural Brasov

SANDI (mural) + OANA (sound composition)

Un-hidden Romania x Amural, Brașov, August 2021

Donate a wall or space to Un-hidden Romania

Donate a wall or space to Un-hidden Romania

Donate a wall or space to Un-hidden Romania and contribute to the regeneration of the city through art in public spaces.

We offer an opportunity for you to host one of the artworks produced during the Un-hidden Romania cultural programme on your blind wall, fence or in your yard.

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Un-hidden Romania is a multiannual programme created by Save or Cancel.

Co-financed by AFCN

The program does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the results of the program can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

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Partners: National Museum of Contemporary Art (Bucharest)Faculty of Sociology and Social Work (Bucharest)Amural (Brașov)National Highschool of Arts Queen Mary (Constanța)Artipic Association (Iași)

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