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Donate a wall or space to Un-hidden Romania

Donate a wall or space to Un-hidden Romania and contribute to the regeneration of the city through art in public spaces.

We offer an opportunity for you to host one of the artworks produced during the Un-hidden Romania cultural programme on your blind wall, fence or in your yard.

We invite you to become a beneficiary and partner of an urban regeneration intervention through art, helping us to improve the image of public space, inspire and inform new generations, fostering positive feelings towards art, culture in general and public space.

What you can achieve by donating a wall or space

  • an outstanding work created by an experienced artist
  • improve the appearance of the space you own
  • make your place a landmark in the area
  • the risk of your place being covered with doodles or tags could be reduced

Furthermore, the Un-hidden programme will promote the artwork, and therefore the place, in press releases, on the website, on the online map and in the forthcoming publication Un-hidden Romania.

What you can’t achieve by donating a space

  • you can’t turn the artistic intervention into an advertisement or commission work
  • you can’t ask artists to include certain ideas, representations, or elements in the design;

In order to allow our artists to let their creativity run free, we appreciate if a space is made available to us:

  • visible to the public; for example, a space or wall facing the street so that other people can enjoy the artwork;
  • accompanied by written permission from the owner/proprietor to place the work or paint the wall, in complete artistic freedom.

If you are looking to commission work to your specifications, you can contact us at

How do I propose a place?

You can send us an email with your proposal to or fill in the form below.

Your offer to donate a wall or space does not guarantee that an art intervention will be created, but you will be added to our database of available spaces. In our space selection process, we consider many aspects including location, condition of the wall or space, project, artists and community.

Cover photography by Petre Ghiocel for Un-hidden Romania, showing a detail of the “Rain” artwork by Aito Kitazaki, painted at Lente Bucharest in 2019.