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Photos from the street art tours in Bucharest

2022 Un-hidden Romania street art tours

During the Un-hidden Romania guided tours, urban explorers discovered the city through the latest street art in Bucharest and through forgotten places whose story can be continued through art and civic engagement.

On May 14th, June 11th, and July 23rd 2022, starting at 5 PM, the Open Doors Travel guides told the story of how the past has a future, through actions and decisions in the present. Those who joined us on the free walking tours delved deeper into the topic of art in public space and fed their appetite for urban exploration, changing their perspective. On these unique journeys, participants discovered the authentic side of the city, which tells stories not found in travel guides.

Street art tours are for me, as a guide, the most dynamic. I like to discover new works all the time and try to connect their messages with local history or social context. In addition, at Un-hidden events the public is very open to explore, meet the artists and, last but not least, discuss the public space and how we would like it to look.

Elena, tour guide

The Un-hidden tours came as a breath of fresh air for me – a pleasure and a challenge at the same time because each time I changed the route, found something new or other works disappeared. I met curious people, eager to get to know the city I live in and explore urban art. I liked the local perspectives, especially since they often do tours for foreign tourists.

Anca, tour guide

Also see photos from the Brașov street art tour.

Photography by Petre Ghiocel for Un-hidden Romania, by the Open Doors Travel tour guides, Elena & Anca, and by tour participants.

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