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Vlad Caia – “Walk slow, listen more” (binaural soundtrack) & Pisica Pătrată (mural painting) during Un-hidden Bucharest

Vlad Caia (coloană sonoră) și Pisica Pătrată (pictură murală) – Un-hidden Bucharest

Vlad Caia lives and works in Bucharest. He is part of the SIT project and Amphia Records alongside Cristi Cons and part of the Amorf trio with Mischa Blanos. With a lot of skills and a vast experience in DJ-ing and sound design accumulated over many years spent in studios, clubs and festivals, he’s an active artist with a prominent character in the underground electronic music scene.

Deeply exploring the realm of minimal techno, microhouse and experimental, throughout time he surely brought forward timeless contributions whether we talk about his own productions, collaborations, edits, remixes, solo acts, live acts or mastering services. Throughout time he also collaborated with record labels like Uvar, Meander, All Inn Black, Fabric London, Synkroniq, Rora and Next Dimension Music, among others.

Today, we’re more than happy to present you an exclusive soundscape carefully crafted by Vlad Caia for the upcoming mural painting by Pisica Pătrată during the Un-hidden Bucharest project, made by Save or Cancel and co-financed by Primăria Municipiului București through ARCUB for București Acasă 2023 program.

Every city has a unique soundscape, Ryuichi Sakamoto once said.

“Commissioned by, I wandered the streets of Bucharest to capture its signature sounds. Traffic-jam, footsteps, voices, the hum of little storefronts and everything in between, these binaural recordings would later become an experimental piece called “Walk slow, listen more”. Much like the breathing of a strange urban beast, the piece is littered with sonic bits and rhythmic patterns. I highly recommend listening to it on your headphones alongside Pisica Pătrată‘s visual sketch for the Un-hidden Bucharest cultural project.”– Vlad Caia

Starting on August 27th you’re invited to Romexpo (Expozitiei Boulevard) to experiment with the multidisciplinary intervention that aims to explore the connection between electronic music and street art. Co-produced by Vlad Caia and Pisica Pătrată, this event brings together the art of mural painting and the inspiring efforts of making music influenced by and based on Bucharest’s contemporary urban culture.

The Un-hidden Bucharest project contains 5 urban art workshops, 5 guided tours, 1 multidisciplinary artistic intervention, 1 live stream performance and 1 exhibition. The project’s cultural products investigate the role of art in everyday life and its ability to create feelings of cultural belonging while stimulating the imagination of viewers and contributing to urban regeneration. Find out more here.

Un-hidden Bucharest is a cultural project created by Save or Cancel and distributed by

The content of this material does not necessarily represent the official position of Bucharest City Hall or ARCUB. For detailed information about the funding programme of the Municipality of Bucharest through ARCUB, please visit For information about Bucharest City Hall, please visit

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