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Un-hidden Romania announces the first wave of artists

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Un-hidden Romania artisti 2021 2023

Un-hidden Romania announces the first wave of invited artists in the multiannual programme dedicated to urban regeneration through street art 

The urban regeneration programme through street art, Un-hidden Romania expands its area of activities, inviting relevant and emerging local artists alike, to produce a series of murals in BrașovBucharestConstanța and Iași.

During the Amural festival, Sandi is invited by Un-hidden Romania to paint the “poetry of the city” on a utility construction, thus changing the perception of this object and integrating it pleasantly and attractively in the picturesque landscape of Brasov. The work is a co-production with Oana, who composed a musical fragment inspired by the same theme.

In September, we‘ll meet one of the most active local artists, Pisica Pătrată, in his hometown, more precisely at the National College of Art Queen Mary in Constanța, whose courses and workshops he attended and shape his vision. Thus, the mural will be able to function as a model for current students preparing for an art career, Pisica Pătrată, giving them a series of personal perspectives on the past and high school years, as well as motivational ideas expressed minimally with the help of the omnipresent character in the works of the artist.

Next year, we will travel to Iasi for a collaboration with the Artipic Association and Bea Hopes who will work together with the DJ and producer Bucurie to create a mural in order to foster a sense of belonging for the locals and tourists.

During the project, we will announce the following guest artists, and with your involvement, we will find out who the winners of the open calls are.

SANDi – mural & OANA – soundtrack / street art multidisciplinary intervention

27 – 29 August 2021

Amural festival, Brașov + join the free street art tour here

PISICA PĂTRATĂ – mural / street art intervention

September 2021

National Highschool of Arts Queen Mary, Constanța

ORTAKU & TOYBOX – mural / street art intervention

July 2022

Ion Creangă Branch, Bucharest Metropolitan Library

MARIA BĂLAN – mural & ADRIAN DRĂGUȚ – soundtrack / street art multidisciplinary intervention

September 2022

Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, Bucharest

BEA HOPES – mural & BUCURIE – soundtrack / street art multidisciplinary intervention

September 2022


OPEN CALL WINNER – mural / street art intervention

March 2023

Anexa MNAC, Bucharest

OPEN CALL WINNER – mural / street art intervention

April 2023


OPEN CALL WINNER – mural / street art intervention

April 2023


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Partners: National Museum of Contemporary Art (Bucharest)Faculty of Sociology and Social Work (Bucharest)Amural (Brașov)National Highschool of Arts Queen Mary (Constanța)Artipic Association (Iași)

Media Partners: IglooZeppelinThe InstituteIQadsRevista Atelierul

Co-financed by AFCN

The program does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the application or the way the program results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

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