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Un-hidden Romania invites Pisica Pătrată to paint in Constanta

Un-hidden Romania invites Pisica Pătrată to paint in Constanta

The urban regeneration through street art programme, Un-hidden Romania, invites Pisica Pătrată to paint a new mural at the National College of Arts Regina Maria in Constanța.

Soon, we meet one of the most active local artists, Pisica Pătrată, in his hometown, more precisely at the National College of Arts Queen Mary in Constanta, whose courses and workshops he has followed, developing his creative vision. The mural created by the artist could serve as inspiration for current students preparing for a career in the arts. In this work, Pisica Pătrată offers a series of personal perspectives on his past and high school years and motivational ideas expressed minimally with the help of the character, omnipresent in the artist’s work.

Some of the National College of Arts Queen Mary in Constanța students answered the questionnaire launched by Un-hidden Romania. They helped us learn more about the state of the city and what they would like to see in public spaces. Pisica Pătrată analysed some of these ideas as he made the sketch for the future mural.

See photos and a video of Pisica Pătrată’s new mural.

Pisica Pătrată – Un-hidden Romania x Colegiul Național de Arte Regina Maria, Constanța, Septembrie 2021
📷 George Andrei Ilie & Celephais, Un-hidden Romania

Un-hidden Romania continues the series of activities, inviting relevant and emerging local artists alike to create a series of artistic interventions in public spaces in BucharestConstanța and Iași. We recently participated in the Amural festival, where we organised a guided tour of the recent murals. Also, we invited Sandi and Oana to co-produce a mural and an audio composition with the theme “poetry of the city”. See some photos and listen to the audio fragment here.

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