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Open call for an artwork Lente x Un-hidden Romania

The Lente x Un-hidden Romania open call is postponed

We regret to inform you the Lente x Un-hidden Romania open call is postponed until further notice.

Unfortunately, an unexpected turn of events makes it impossible to implement to open call award as planned. We anticipate launching a new open call at some point during this year, so keep an eye on

Rules of the open call for an artistic work at Lente, 78 Dionisie Lupu street

Chapter 1. About the open call

Art. 1. The open call for artistic interventions in public space is organised by Save or Cancel Production SRL, through, together with Lente, within the framework of the multi-annual cultural programme Un-hidden Romania.

Art. 2. The objective of the call is to identify an artistic work for the Lente space in 78 Dionisie Lupu Street, Bucharest.

Art. 3. Theme of the call: a map marking places with outstanding street art works in Bucharest, based on the information published on the Un-hidden Romania online map.

Given the ephemeral nature of artworks in public spaces, the map should be easy to update, both by adding new interventions and the option to remove those that will no longer exist.

Art. 4. Participation in the call implies the presence of the artist or group in Bucharest during the period of the awarded artwork, June 2022.

Art. 5. Calendar of the open call

Chapter 2. Eligibility: participants and ideas

Art. 1. The call is open to any natural person or group of natural persons.

Art. 2. Employees or representatives of Save or Cancel /, Lente, or of the partners, or their first-degree relatives, are not eligible to participate in this open call.

Art. 3. Participants may submit a maximum of one proposal for an artistic work in this open call, which will be created in accordance with the theme of the call, on a segment of the blind wall located in the Lente garden, at 78 Dionisie Lupu Street, Bucharest.

Art. 4. Theme of the open call:

Art. 5. Entries must respect human rights and may not contain abusive, obscene, defamatory, illegal elements or promote racial, ethnic or sexual discrimination.

Art. 6. The organiser may reject ideas entered in the open call if the authors do not comply with the rules.

Chapter 3. Registration

Art. 1. Ideas may be submitted between 16 and 27 May 2022, 23:59, in digital format, using the entry form published on the website

Art. 2. In order to participate in the open call, applicants will have to read and interpret the materials published by the organiser, responding to all the requirements of the open call.

Art. 3. Participants may send questions about this open call to If they may be useful to other participants, questions and answers will be published on the Un-hidden Romania website and on the website.

Art. 4. The application will contain:

4.1. entry form: name, e-mail address, short biography of the author/s or team description, link to portfolio, title and description of the work;

4.2. link to an archive containing the proposal – an artwork to be made of a segment of the blind wall in the Lente garden, Dionisie Lupu street, Bucharest, composed of:

  • a sketch of the mural work;
  • a simulation of the work on the segment of the blind wall, using one of the two images published in the call;
  • a list of 5-10 works of art in public spaces in Bucharest that you would like to mark in the proposed work;
  • an estimate of materials needed and costs, within the budget proposed below.
  • Art. 5. There is no fee for participating in this open call.

Art. 6. If there are any uncertainties, the organiser may ask participants for further information about their entries. Failure to reply will lead to disqualification from the competition.

Art. 7. Participants who submit incomplete entries will receive a notice to correct the missing files or information which they must address within 3 days from the date of the e-mail. Failure to reply will result in disqualification from the competition.

Art. 8. The recommended images for the simulation of the proposed work indicate the location of the work in the Lente garden.

Chapter 4. Selection

Art. 1. The selection of the winning artistic intervention will be made by an impartial jury composed of representatives of the organiser.

Art. 2. The evaluation criteria recommended to the jury are:

  • relevance to the theme of the call – max. 30 points
  • sustainability – max. 20 points
  • continuity – max. 20 points
  • degree of interaction with the public – max. 20 points
  • clarity of artistic vision – max. 10 points

Total: 100 points

Art. 3. The names of the jury members are made public with the results.

Art. 4. The results of the call will be published online on 31 May 2022 on the websites and

Chapter 5. Prize

947 lei NET (985 lei GROSS); 38 lei represents the tax of 10% from the calculation base, paid to the state budget on behalf of the winners;
materials necessary for the production of the artistic intervention, up to a maximum value of 950 lei, which will be settled on presentation of invoices and purchase receipts;
promotion within the framework of the Un-hidden Romania cultural programme and the May 2023 exhibition in Bucharest;
inclusion of the work in the permanent street art exhibition, hosted and curated by Lente, alongside works by relevant artists such as the Square Cat, Aitch, Irlo, Kitra;
inclusion of the mural on the Un-hidden Romania map, accessed by over 150,000 people;
publication of the work in the forthcoming book Un-hidden Romania.

Chapter 6. Intellectual property rights

Art. 1. Applicants take full responsibility for the ideas submitted, ensuring that they comply with copyright and intellectual property laws.

Art. 2. Winners agree, by participating in this open call, to cede their exclusive and territorially unrestricted intellectual property rights arising from their work at Lente and consent that they may be modified and/or published subsequently for the promotion of the programme.

Art. 3. Winners may use in their portfolio and biography the title “Winner(s) Open Call for Artistic Intervention Lente x Un-hidden Romania, 2022”.

Chapter 7. Other mentions

Art. 1. Save or Cancel may modify or change these Rules, informing the public through the same communication channels used for the launch of the open call.

Photos by Petre Ghiocel © Un-hidden Romania /, taken in 2019, on the occasion of the visit of Aito Kitazaki, who painted the mural “Rain” at Lente Lupu.

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